Case Study: Making A Difference in Pet Care with Quality Designs
Case Study:
Making A Difference in Pet Care with Quality Designs


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About MyBalto Foundation

Upset with the poor quality of pet care due to hard-to-access medical records, Dr. Robert and his brother Nathan came up with myBalto. This platform works as a bridge between complicated veterinary record systems and pet owners. It allows the owners to make choices based on their pet’s actual needs and not solely on their financial capacity.


When Robert was on the lookout for a design service, he prioritized two key aspects – high-quality and prompt delivery. He wanted a service that would go beyond just fulfilling his design needs; he desired a service that would provide an impressive return on his investment. This is when he discovered us.


With our reputation for delivering exceptional quality coupled with our commitment to meet deadlines, we perfectly aligned with what Robert was seeking. We ensured a fast turnaround on all our assignments, which resulted in us completing tasks on schedule and helping to avoid any project delays. This combination of speed, reliability, and clear communication helped us provide exceptional value.

Words from the client

Words from the client

Exceeding expectations!

“We were happy to work with Cueball Creatives. One of the greatest strengths of Cueball Creatives is their speed of service. Their communication is also exceptional and we are constantly up on the progress of projects. Would highly recommend their services as its great value for the quality of work they provide.”

Robert Parkins

CEO & Founder of MyBalto Foundation

Robert Parkins,

CEO & Founder of MyBalto Foundation d

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