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About Profit& Ltd

Profit& is a consultancy specializing in digital planning platform technology, dedicated to revolutionizing business decision-making processes. With expertise in Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, and Technology sectors, Profit& operates throughout Europe, offering multi-lingual support and embracing cultural diversity to cater to global clients.


Grace, a key stakeholder at Profit&, faced a challenge in sourcing stock images and developing creative content to support the company’s marketing initiatives in a cost-effective manner. She also encountered delays and escalating prices from her former design agency. Previously, Profit& had collaborated with a UK-based agency for similar services, setting their expectations high for quality and efficiency.


Cueball Creatives was just what Grace and Profit& needed. We offered affordable image and video services at speed and volume, ideal for their campaigns. We diligently delivered a wide range of creative, including short animations for social media, case study, ebooks, explainer videos, as well as stock images and icons to support their in-house website and presentation developments. 
In cases of urgent requirements, we reprioritized tasks to meet internal deadlines promptly. With Cueball’s support, Profit& showcased eye-catching visuals that connected with their audience, boosting their marketing success.

Words from the client

Words from the client

Creative Excellence!

“Cueball provided cost-effective access to image development and video development at the speed and volume to meet our campaign requirements. Fast access to images required to support our campaigns enables us to develop content with speed and ease without having to break the bank. Our time to delivery has shortened by greater than 50%.”

Grace Carruthers,

Marketing & Alliances Manager Profit& Ltd

Grace Carruthers,

Marketing & Alliances Manager Profit& Ltd

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